Words of Love

I feel like I could just leave you with the 3 words in this title and call it a day…

But I can’t 🙂

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary…

To love someone is “to have a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person” and a word is “a speech sound that symbolizes and communicates a meaning.

Imagine a pot of water on a stove…when the water  begins to reach boiling point, bubbles form at the bottom of the pot and if you don’t turn off the stove at that point, the bubbles travel to the top and become bigger. If you still don’t turn off the stove then, the bubbles try to force the lid of the pot open and the lid starts to shake, with the bubbles popping and vapour around the pot. At this point, you can feel the heat of it, almost touch it.

This is the way I see love. At a point, it can no longer be held in and many times, the outlet is the mouth through words.

The relationship between love and words is so strong, they’re in fact, inseparable and that is why I know this – If you love someone and especially if you have taken the time to express it with words, then you have a responsibility.

Love is a responsibility, for both the lover and the loved, to use words;

To build up, not to tear down.

To defend, not to attack.

To encourage, not to instill doubt.

To make strong, not to remind of weakness.

To turn experiences into lessons, not to keep a record of wrongs.

To be patient, not to lash out in anger

To believe the best, not to expect the worst

To honor, not to dishonor

To support, not to back out

To hold on tight and never let go.

If each person in a relationship strives to be better, then situation regardless, each one should ask  – do my words reflect my love for him/her?

We live. We love. We Learn.




  1. How true. To love is become vulnerable. You will sometimes be hurt by the one you love, and many the measure you give is not same as you receive but love still. For what’s life’s worth without love.

    My mind stretches your illustration further; what happens with the boiling pot filled with bubbles and steam if left on fire unattended? Like the rose, nurture your love!

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