What’s your Story?

So, I got into a conversation with my best friend today and it was about how there are different versions of any story. According to him, there are always 4 versions of the same story – the Fact, the Truth, the ‘Story’ and finally, the Lie.

Let me make it a bit clearer…

Fact – “I went to work today”. Truth  – “I woke up  at 6am today, said my prayers, took a shower, dressed up, went to work. On my way, I ran into an old friend and we spoke about all the people we’ve lost touch with and how time has gone by so fast and we spoke till I got off at my stop”. Story  – “so that’s how I went to work today and a conversation I had with an old friend made me realize how short life is”. The differences being, regardless of the situation, Fact is saying what it is, no details necessary, Truth is relaying your story in along with its details, without fear of judgment, and story can be either one of two things – making light of a serious situation or making a light situation seem more serious than it actually is and finally, the Lie is just what it is – A Lie!

I, however, disagreed (amicably 🙂 ).

I really believe there are only two versions to any story  – The Truth or the Lie and nothing in between.

It’s true, with each lie, your nose extends!

Some of you may remember a prayer that goes something like “forgive my sins of omission or of commission“. (I’ve always wondered about that prayer and how whoever started it must have been the good girl or boy in class…the one who reminds the teacher of an assignment long forgotten).

If you haven’t told the details of your story without fear of judgment, then it means you have omitted to tell the truth and if you said something that wasn’t the truth, you have lied.

So what’s your story, the Truth or the Lie? …

Or perhaps you’d prefer the more interesting question  – In telling your story, what would you rather say? The truth, the fact, the story or the lie? and in what situation would you say which?


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