What is she?

One day a little girl walked up to me and asked me a question.

This was my answer;

She is strong, crafted for a specific purpose.

She sometimes sees what others can’t.

Never mind when they say otherwise…she is almost always right.

She has the eyes of a hawk, the protectiveness of a lioness, the warmth of a huge fur coat,

The fragrance of more than a dozen roses, the gentleness of a dove.

She is God’s answer to man’s prayers.

She is industrious, she is patient, she is love personified.

A carrier of great things – the one in whom man’s seed can grow into greatness.

She has arms like a rocking chair, shoulders as wide as you will ever need them to be.

Able to carry the burdens of an entire family and still break into a smile when she lifts up her head.

She will walk across a room with all the grace of a gazelle, but only she knows the troubles that are on her mind.

She is strong, crafted for purpose.

This is who a woman is, my darling.

Well, this is what I would have said if I thought she would understand.

Instead, I told her that a woman is female, talked generally about body parts and came here to write this.

So that one day, somewhere, somehow, when she is older and with your help, she can know this.



  1. This truly is who a woman is. Many words cannot fully describe her.

    Often she simply says she is female, a caring wife and mother of many, trying to leave a legacy.

    1. True….many words cannot fully describe her. How God put so much into one specie is very fascinating…

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