The Love of Man

When a man loves a woman, it shows.

Maybe not because he wants it to, but because it can’t be helped.

So, to the guys that say “I don’t do ‘emotions’”, we say, “we see it *wink**wink*”.

It’s in your eyes as they follow her when she walks towards you, or even away from you.

It’s in your eyes when you look into her eyes when she’s talking to you like you can see beyond them into her soul.

It’s in your nose when you smell her perfume in your room because she took a nap on your bed and you smile because you know that this woman makes you happy.

It’s in your smile because you thought of something silly she did that probably made you angry at the time she did it.

It’s in your jokes, the ones you tell her because you know she’ll either laugh with you or at you, those ones that you’re sure won’t be funny to the average ear.

It’s in your voice when you’re talking about her with people you care about.

It’s in your shoulder when you position it for her to put her head on during a movie.

It’s in your hands when you hold the small of her back to support her as she walks in her heels…not in the general gentlemanly way, but in the “this is my girl” way.

It’s in your hands as you cook for her (yes, even that time once in a year).

It’s in your fingers as you interlock them with hers to cross the street, even though you know she’s probably looking at you with her eyebrows raised.

It’s in the steps of the silly dance you can only do when you’re with her.

Believe me when I say…we see it and we love it.


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