The Future is Here!

You know, when you first start earning money – not pocket money from parents, but from a real job – money you actually worked for…you go a little bit “crazy” for a little bit.

Maybe not everyone had this as an experience, but it certainly was mine – splurge on stuff, shop every few months, go on vacations, sometimes twice a year. Why? 3 reasons – I’m an adult, it’s my money and I can 🙂

While none of life’s experiences should be regretted #livealittle, it is important that you don’t stay in this ‘phase’ for too long. If you’ve started to work already, it must mean that the future you spent a long time dreaming about when you were younger is already here – you’ll get married, have kids, live in a nice house, drive a nice car, take family vacations, send your parents money monthly and maybe send them on vacations once in a while, wear nice clothes and shoes, buy tickets to exclusive events e.t.c

It’s your money, but you have a future and in that future, you need this money.

Think on this for a bit and make the right choices.


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