When I was growing up, and actually, even till now, the general impression is that women take forever to get ready and I always picture a man pacing  in the living room while his wife is in front of the dressing table mirror shuffling between calling out “I’m almost ready, love” and applying her mascara and lipstick.

Even in ant world 🙂

These days however, I hear and have seen that this is no longer as we knew it to be.

Raise your hands, ladies, if your man is guilty of making you late for events because he’s “getting ready”.

Now, dear men, why does it take you forever to get ready?

Are you the one that has to carefully apply make-up like a master painter at work?

So many tools!
So many colors!!

Are you the one who has to go through a pile of clothes to find the outfit just right for this particular event, not the same as the one you wore for the last event (even though it’s a different crowd)?


Are you the one who has to hold her breath and fit into a waist trainer while still managing to look stunning?

Are you the one who has to get the kids ready for the event? and by that I mean, give them a bath, dress them, feed them AND manage all of that while chasing at least one of them around (hi 5 if you can identify with this)!

3ecdc5761cc9c650297e4f5701dacb23[1]Are you the one who has to make sure the house looks great before you go out in case an unexpected visitor arrives just as you get back from the event?

wonder woman - You wonder how i get it all done? I wonder too...i'm wonderwoman!

Or are you going to use the excuse that you have decided to only get ready after your wife because you know she’s going to take her time and in doing this, you end up being the late one…so technically, it’s her fault?


Do tell…


YOurs randomly,


Getting Married…

Yes! Welcome! I knew the topic would draw you in like a magnet to a fridge (or is it like a fridge to a magnet?) 🙂

I had always wondered what the answer would be if I were to ask people why they got married. So, over the course of 2 weeks, I actually did ask the question. 50 people (between ages of 18 and 60), depending on their relationship status, answered one of these questions “why did you get married?”, “why do you think people get married?” and “why do you want to get married?”.

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