Birthday loading…

There’s something an approaching birthday does to me and I think it has gotten even more obvious as I grow older. It happens in two segments…Because my birthday is right in the middle of the month, the first half of the month, I find myself withdrawing into me, I try to separate ‘noise’ from ‘signal’, I ask myself what I have done with the past year and how much progress I have made. Sometimes, I make lists so thinking is easier.birthday

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Getting Married…

Yes! Welcome! I knew the topic would draw you in like a magnet to a fridge (or is it like a fridge to a magnet?) 🙂

I had always wondered what the answer would be if I were to ask people why they got married. So, over the course of 2 weeks, I actually did ask the question. 50 people (between ages of 18 and 60), depending on their relationship status, answered one of these questions “why did you get married?”, “why do you think people get married?” and “why do you want to get married?”.

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What’s your Story?

So, I got into a conversation with my best friend today and it was about how there are different versions of any story. According to him, there are always 4 versions of the same story – the Fact, the Truth, the ‘Story’ and finally, the Lie.

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