Let them be

You know sometimes when we wonder how innocent children grow up to be the kind of adults they are?  I have a theory, which could be part or all of the answer for some people.

The reason children change is because of their parents;

One day as I sat people-watching at the airport (this is what I do when I’m tired of flipping the pages of whatever book I’m reading at that time), I noticed two siblings, aged about 4 and 5-ish, playing with another boy, let’s say he was about 4 years old.
They were all over him trying to see the game he was playing on his tablet, and the boy, sweet as he was, didn’t mind sharing and allowed them to play with it at some point, while he watched.

His mother sat beside him, doing her own thing and smiling over at them every once in a while.

I noticed that across the room, was the mother of these two children. This mother kept calling her children, but children being as they are, care free and all…they would go to her and run back to the other little boy’s game. I thought it was cute and they should be left alone, since they were in her line of sight directly (only about 6 feet away from her).

Eventually, she sent her older daughter to get them and I could hear the older daughter say “Daddy Is calling you”. I looked over at “Daddy” and he was in a world of his own, reading a newspaper, but it seemed to have worked…the children went back to their family’s side.

Once there, the woman handed them each a tablet and then did the funniest thing…she asked them to go back to the little boy with the tablets. But why?

Could it be that her arms were aching, so she gave them the tablets to lighten the load? Or maybe she wanted the boy’s mother (and everyone who may be watching)to know her kids also had tablets, so it’s clear they’re not deprived?

Don’t misunderstand, there is nothing wrong with little children owning their own tablets for their educational games and activities, but there is something wrong with making children think that every opportunity is a good time to show “I beta pass my neighbor”. These children may grow up thinking when they see something with someone else, they need to go out to get something better and this is where not knowing how to stop a.k.a Greed begins.

Are you, in some way, corrupting your little ones with behaviors that will lead them to grow up into materialistic, cynical and maybe even sad adults?

Let them be children – the number of years they will spend as children is way less than the number of years they will spend as teenagers and adults!




  1. Yes. it didn’t quite occur to me, the link, until that day. Indeed, only God can help us, to be the kind of parents He wants us to be.

  2. Nice one. I hear about projecting one’s fears on one’s children, but I guess there’s also projecting your character… God help us. People-watching is one of my favourite pastimes; very insightful :-).

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