Cheers to a Brighter Future

There are many topics being discussed as 2015 comes to an end and 2016 rears its head, but the common factor is definitely resolutions i.e., what did I do in 2015 that I no longer want to do in 2016? What do I want to achieve in 2016? Etc., whether as an individual or as an organization.

As we all make our resolutions, I just wanted to pop in here and leave a few tips for the New Year ahead.

  1. Quit looking over your shoulder, move forward.
  2. Stand on the shoulders of those ahead of you.
  3. Don’t despise little beginnings; a lantern can do what the sun cannot do – shine at night!
  4. Books are a window into the world – stay informed.
  5. Remember what you’ve been telling yourself you’ll do for years now? Just do it!
  6. If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together (African proverb).
  7. Love is a decision more than it is a feeling.
  8. You have only failed when you stop trying.
  9. Death is rude, it doesn’t ask permission, so live as though each day is your last.
  10. The people you love deserve to know you love them.
  11. The higher the risk, the higher the reward.
  12. Don’t worry about tomorrow – Matthew 6:34
  13. For peaceful sleep and by extension, a peaceful life, settle all grudges before you go to bed.
  14. Everyone you meet is fighting a separate battle, be considerate.
  15. Give a smile to get a smile.
  16. Poking your nose in others’ businesses distracts you from your own journey.
  17. Stay focused.
  18. A new challenge can be the next stepping stone, go for it!
  19. Health is Wealth; watch your diet, take your medical check-ups seriously and take care of yourself.
  20. There is nothing that goes on without God’s knowledge. If you’re His child, He has your back – always.

 What are your tips for the New Year?


  1. To leave a smile on someone’s face this year in simple ways
    That kid on my street with torn school uniforms – Get a new set for him/her
    That woman by my junction with wares totaling less than 1k – Invest in her business
    Those abandoned orphans and aged – visit them and give them gifts
    The maiguard with torn clothes – give him a facelift
    The kid out of school because of tuition fees – help see him/her back to school this term

    You can’t live a perfect day until you do something for someone who will never be able to repay you. – John Wooden

    1. Turning it all into action! let us know how these’ll be great to hear the stories that will come from these acts of love.

  2. New year resolutions, everyday resolutions. If we live each day as though it were our last, we should have a fresh start everyday, and make the decision to love and share our smile.
    I love the page and the style. Random but captivating.

    1. I really agree with that…if we live each day like our last, it really does mean every tomorrow is a fresh start in every sense!
      Thank you!

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