Tell no one

She goes around telling people her story

Each person told not to repeat it


But each person has heard her


so, is that a secret still?


Should people be left to keep it, if they will?

For if only they, one to another, say her name

They will see their kind of smile is the same

Each thinking what he knows is a well-kept secret

Without knowing her loose lips have once again done their bit!


But, but, perhaps if no one tells the other, she really does have a well-guarded secret?

The question is…if she can’t keep her own secret, whose can she keep?

The Imperfect Gift

When people ask how they can influence the world and they get a vague answer like “start with the man in the mirror” or “do something in your own little corner”, I used to think people said these things because they really don’t know what answer to give, but I’ve come to realize that these answers are not as silly as I used to think…

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