Are we there yet?

journey picRestless

In my middle place.


At the corners of my heart


Learning to let go


Believing the end will be good


Calm, despite my situation


Finally at my destination


There is a starting point and there is an end point and then there is a middle place, otherwise known as the journey.

The beauty (or ugliness, depending on how you see the glass) is, no one  knows the way to the end point or how long the middle place will go on for – there are many surprises with many different left, right and U- turns as well, there are other people on the road, each going on his/her own journey. You could decide to stop and pick other passengers, but you better make sure they are in for the long haul 🙂 and share your passion and vision, otherwise, your journey will be marked with varying degrees of frustration with one passenger or the other shouting “are we there yet?” and distracting you from the road ahead!

All the best on your journey. May you find Trust, Faith and Peace as you go and Joy in the end!

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