“The heart is only capable of hate because it used to love….” says Me. 🙂love-811994_1280

I really do think that love and hate are two ends of the same spectrum – you can hate someone just as much as you used to love them. Other wise, how do you explain a woman stabbing her husband to death by sticking a knife in his neck during an argument? Or a man cutting his wife to pieces because she was rude? *what are you doing cutting a human like venison?*

Remember “the journey of a thousand miles (read the journey from love to hate) begins with a step”….whatever you do, make sure you’re not taking that first step towards the hate side!





  1. I can totally relate with this. I totally believe in the cliché – ”first impressions last longer” and I’ve used that to judge people without getting to know the real them. When I eventually get to know them I discover that I’ve held wrong impressions all along.

    Feelings of hate and/or love are easy to form and there’s a very thin line between both. It is advisable we tilt more away from the hate side.

    1. I like the perspective you’ve seen it from…it’s a positive one, from ‘hate’ to love rather than from loving one minute and hating the next….

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